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What is a Cookie?

In short – a cookie is a small text file of information that is generated by us, and placed on your computer or device when browsing our website or mobile application (app). HTTP cookies, Tracking Cookies or simply Cookies (different terms used to describe a cookie) are tiny pieces of text data that we store on your desktop pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device that may be used to access and navigate our website at

There are various types of cookies, each with its own use:

  • authentication cookies – commonly used by web servers to authenticate a user that is logged in to a specific website, and to which account they are logged in to,
  • tracking cookies – often referred to as third-party cookies, are used to compile long-term records of an individuals internet browsing history,
  • session cookie – is a short term memory cookie that is placed on your computer when navigating a website, the cookie is deleted once you close the website or close the browser,
  • persistent cookie – expires after a set period of time has passed, the length of time is determined by the cookie creator. These cookies are often referred to as tracking cookies as they allow the creator to record specific information about a web browser’s habits over a period of time. This type of cookie is also used to allow users to login to their accounts on websites, so the user doesn’t have to input their login details every time they visit the website,
  • secure cookie – is transmitted over an encrypted connection (HTTPS),
  • non-secure cookie – is transmitted over non-encrypted connections (HTTP).


1: Why Do We Use Cookies?

In short – cookies, those tiny pieces of information we store on your desktop pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device, make it easier for you to use our site.

Rather than continually place cookies on your device(s), the first time you visit our website,, we will store first or third-party cookies* on your device(s) to help make your visit smooth, to assist in site navigation, to access secure areas, such as information and personal data held in your account; and to help you login to your account quicker in the future. Cookies also allow us to monitor website traffic and to personalise your experience, including the content we may show you using marketing or targeted advertisements.

*third party cookies – used for advertising, tracking, marketing, analytics and other purposes.


2: Can I Reject Cookies?

In short – yes, you can set your computer to reject certain cookies.

You may set up your computer to reject some, but not all; cookies from our site. If you reject cookies from our site, you may not be able to access or use certain features, such as saving your account login information. In order for our website to operate properly, we must use ‘strictly necessary’ cookies which you cannot opt out of receiving.

3: How Long Will Cookies Remain On My Device?

In short – the length of time varies depending on the type of cookie.

  • session cookies – remain on your device until you stop browsing or until they expire (expiration date set by the creator) or are deleted by you (the user) in your device settings,
  • persistent cookies – will expire between thirty minutes and five years from the date they are downloaded and added to your device.


4: Internet Browser Controls For Cookies

In short – most internet browser providers allow you to control the use of their cookies through their site settings.

Cookie settings may be adapted to reflect your consent to the use of cookies. As well as consent, most browsers also enable you to review and/or erase site cookies. You will find further information about cookies in the web browser help section.

5: Do Not Track Cookies

In short – some web browsers offer a Do Not Track option.

Please note that we do not alter our website’s data collection and use practices when we see a Do Not Track signal from your web browser.

Glamping in Ireland (ltd) uses cookies and we will notify you of this use when you visit our website or mobile application (app). At this point you can change your settings, accept all, or reject all cookies. This may affect your experience on our website and may limit the website functionality.

Further information about cookies can be found at:


6: Can I contact You About This Cookies Policy?

In short – yes, you may contact us at any time if have any questions relating to this Cookie Policy, our Terms and Conditions, or our Privacy Policy.

To contact Glamping in Ireland, please Get in Touch, or send an email to [email protected], or write to us at:

Glamping in Ireland Ltd
100 Longhill Road
County Tyrone
BT78 3JY
United Kingdom

Your statutory rights are not affected.

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