Beaghmore Stone Circles

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Northern Ireland Environment Agency, County Tyrone

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Beaghmore Stone Cirlces - amidst heather, grass and nature sits 7 stone circles, mysteriously formed as 10 rows of stones and 12 cairns.



Beaghmore Stone Circles – discovered amidst 1940s peat cutting, the enigmatic Beaghmore Stone Circles unveil a captivating archaeological tapestry. Seven stone circles, intricately associated with cairns (stacks), form a sacred landscape in County Tyrone. A stone row extends purposefully towards these burial cairns, hinting at a profound ceremonial significance. Beyond the ceremonial circles, traces of Neolithic occupation and cultivation suggest a deeper historical layer preceding the erection of the burial cairns. Intriguing irregular lines and boulder heaps, resembling ancient field features, possibly predate the ritual structures, offering a glimpse into the prehistoric landscape. As the millennia unfolded, a layer of peat began to shroud the site, adding an aura of mystery. Speculation arises that the cairns and stone rows were constructed as a propitiatory gesture, an attempt to rejuvenate the land’s fertility by invoking the sun’s beneficence. Beaghmore Stone Circles, with their mystical allure and layered history, stand as a testament to the ancient rituals and beliefs that once echoed through the landscapes of Northern Ireland. Did you know? There are 3 different types of rock – Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic! Additional Info Visit Northern Ireland Environment Agency for further information about this landmark. Nearby Ash Hollow Equestrian – Gortin Glen Forest Park

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