Privacy Policy

What is a Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy is a legal statement or document that discloses some or all of the ways a business gathers, uses, discloses, manages and stores any personal data that is provided by, and can be used to identify; a living person, often referred to as a customer or client. A Privacy Policy’s purpose is to inform visitors to the businesses website using any desktop pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch or other device; how the personal data is used, and how the information is protected.

In the case of a business, a Privacy Policy is a statement that declares a party’s policy, in this instance, Glamping in Ireland (ltd)  on how it collects, stores, and releases personal data it collects. The statement informs the customer or client what specific data is collected, and whether it is kept confidential, shared with partners, or sold to other companies or enterprises.

What is Personal Data?

Personal data is any information that can be used to identify a living person, including names, gender, address or delivery details and, but not limited to, an IP address. Most organisations/companies/businesses in the EU and UK use personal data in their daily business operations.

An example of this is any EU or UK company that receives customer date from an EU or UK company, such as names, addresses, and/or payment information to provide physical goods or services.

Introduction to Glamping in Ireland’s Privacy Policy

As a business, Glamping in Ireland (ltd) is fully committed to safeguarding all data gathered and strives to ensure that your privacy is never compromised. Glamping In Ireland (ltd) aims to be clear and transparent about the information we gather and retain when you visit our website or mobile application. Glamping in Ireland (ltd) takes the safety and privacy of our customer information seriously.


The Privacy Policy
This Policy sets out the following:

  • What – personal data we collect, process and retain about you, our or client; in connection with your visit to our website, online services and/or mobile applications; whether your visit is as a guest or a customer;
  • Where – we collect the data from,
  • When – we collect personal data,
  • Why – we collect personal data,
  • What – we do with that personal data once we’ve collected it,
  • Who – we disclose that personal data to,
  • How – we store the personal data obtained,
  • How we deal with your rights under the Data Protection Act (2018) (Updated 2021),
  • How – we comply with the data protection rules, regulations and laws applied under the Data Protection Act (2018) (Updated 2021).

All personal data gathered by Glamping in Ireland (ltd) is obtained and processed in accordance with EU and UK GDPR laws.

Data Controller

Glamping in Ireland (ltd) is the ‘data controller’ and registered at Companies House under company number: NI682147. The registered office is: Longhill Road, Dromore, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland BT78 3JY.

  • Glamping in Ireland (ltd) is the processor and data controller of any personal data that is gathered and/or stored and used from its customers or clients,
  • Glamping in Ireland (ltd), from here-on-in referred to as ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘we’ or ‘Glamping in Ireland‘ within this Privacy Policy Statement, refers to Glamping in Ireland (ltd) as the company that owns, runs, updates, and operates the website held at


1: What Personal Data Do We Gather?

In short – we collect personal and non-personal data voluntarily provided by you as a living person. Personal data means any information relating to you, our customer or client; which allows us, Glamping in Ireland (ltd); to identify you as a living person.

The personal date we gather depends entirely on the context of your interaction with us, our website and the features you use. The personal data we collect may include, but is not exclusive to; the following:

Personal Data Provided by You – any information about your access to our website at

  • name, address, electronic mail address (email), telephone (landline and or/mobile), nationality, date of birth or confirm you are age 18 or over, gender, details of payment credit/debit card, gift vouchers and/or other payment details, and contact preferences,
  • usernames and passwords created by you,
  • other party members, which includes name, nationality, date of birth and gender,
  • any requirements or special conditions for you and/or other party members on the booking; who have specific medical requirements, dietary requirements or allergies,
  • any information related to your previous bookings, and/or any services booked in connection with your booking at,
  • information about your booking through our integrated trusted partner products and/or services,
  • information about your use of our website and/or mobile applications, whether that use is on a desktop pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch or other device,
  • any communications you exchange with Glamping in Ireland (ltd) whether that communication is: mail, email, live chat, telephone call, social media private messages or other communication,
  • time zones of your active and live location, including, but not limited to; a real-time GPS location of your desktop pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch or other device retrieved through your Internet Provider (IP Address) along with any crowd-sourced internet hotspot (WiFi and/or Bluetooth) and locality mast locations, if you use any feature that require the information and location and have been toggled/switched to on in the Location settings on your desktop pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch or other device.

Payment Data for Accommodation Providers – any information about payment processing taken via our website at

  • to list your accommodation at, a payment must be taken, any data that is required to process a payment, either full or partial, is taken using third party integration software with Stripe. All payment data is stored by Stripe, and you can view their Privacy Policy here –

Payment Data for Customers – Glamping in Ireland (ltd) take no payments for accommodation bookings through our site. If you choose to make a booking with an accommodation provider, the payment will be taken and processed through the accommodation providers own payment processing system using whatever payment processing system they have installed.

  • any data that is required to process a payment on an accommodation providers website is made directly with the accommodation provider, and any queries or refunds must be directed to the accommodation provider direct.

Social Media Login – any information gathered from social media sites.

  • any data that is required to register an account with us using your existing social media email, username and password from platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn or other social media platform. If you choose to register an account with us using this method, we will collect data as outlined below in the section titled – How Do We Handle Your Social Media Logins?

All information provided by you, must be…true, complete and accurate, and you must notify us immediately of any changes to the information we hold.

2: How Do We Handle Your Social Media Login?

In short – if you choose to register or login to our services using your social media account, we may collect personal and non-personal data voluntarily provided by you. Personal data means any information relating to you, our customer or client; which allows us, Glamping in Ireland (ltd); to identify you as a living person.

Our website,, gives you the option to register and login using your existing third-party social media account data, such as your Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn or other social media logins. When you choose this option, we will receive certain profile information from that social media provider. The personal data that we receive varies from one social media platform to another, but will often include your full name, email address, profile picture, friends list, as well as any other information you choose to make public in your social media account.

We will use any personal data that we gather for the purpose of, and in accordance to; our own Privacy Policy. Please note that Glamping in Ireland (ltd) do not control, and is not responsible for, other uses of your personal data gathered by any third-party social media platform. We recommend that you refer to the social media platform’s own Privacy Policy Statement to understand how they collect, use, store and share your personal data. We have provided links below:


3: Do We Collect Personal Data From Minors?

In short – we never knowingly collect personal data from any persons under the age of 18 years.

We do not, and will not ever; knowingly collect data from any persons under 18 years of age. By using our website,, or our payment processing site,, you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age, and are of sound mind, and are able to use our site legally and lawfully. If it becomes known to us that a minor, a person under 18 years of age, has opened an account under false pretences and by providing false information, we will close the account and delete any details held against that account. If you suspect a minor of opening an account, or are aware of any data that we may have unknowingly collected, please send an email to [email protected] along with your own name, contact email address, contact telephone number and brief details of the infringement.

4: How Do We Use Your Personal Data?

In short – how we use your personal data will depend entirely on the services you use, how you use those services, and the personal data choices you implement in your settings on your own device.

We use any personal data gathered on our website for use on our website and third-party integrated platforms, to enhance and personalise your experience, so that our services, products and targeted advertising, can be made relevant to you and your specific interests. Below is a list of how, but not limited to; we use your personal data:

  • enable account creation – we use your personal data to create an account, and store the information provided which is given voluntarily by you,
  • account access or to enable login – we use your personal data to enable you to login to your account if an account has been created and is held on file,
  • managing your account – to allow us to manage your account and the data we hold against your account,
  • process bookings – we will use your personal data to allow you to make bookings through our site or on carefully selected third-party integrated platforms,
  • responding to enquiries – to enable us to respond to any enquiry, whether the enquiry relates to a booking, our services or is a generic question, sent directly to Glamping in Ireland (ltd),
  • to send information – we will use your personal data to send you informative communications that we feel will benefit, or be of interest to you; including updates to our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and our Terms and Conditions,
  • to provide support – form time-to-time you may require technical support, we will use your personal data to help us provide that support either directly, or through a third-party company,
  • to protect our services and our staff – we may use your information to protect our website, services and our staff and to help prevent fraudulent use of our website, our third-party integrated services or other services,
  • for marketing or advertising purposes – from time-to-time we will use your personal data to send you newsletters, marketing or promotional communications, such as prize draws or competitions, that you have opted into during the account sign-up process,
  • for other business purposes – we may use your personal data to help identify current trends, for data analysis, for tracking campaigns to see their overall effectiveness, to help determine if our website needs improving, for any other purpose relating to our business that may not be detailed elsewhere in this Privacy Policy Statement.
  • for investigative purposes – your personal data may be used if we believe it is necessary to investigate, take action against, or prevent you from violating our policies, to prevent fraudulent activities, or to stop any cause of threat or violence that may be harmful to another person.


5: Do We Share Your Personal Information With Others?

In short – yes, but we are very careful with whom we share your personal information with.

Sometimes we may need to share your personal data with third-party companies, usually this may be for the purpose of booking your accommodation and for processing payments. We may also use your personal data for url tracking and marketing campaigns, for data analysis and to law agencies or regulatory practices which require your personal data for compliance.

  • assets and sales – we may share your personal information if we are negotiating a sale of the business, either in part or in full, or offering shares in the company, to another vendor who may be interested in buying the business or shares in the business,
  • search engines – we may share your personal information with search engines such as Google, Safari, Firefox or n other browser you may use in accordance to our site.

Specifically, we will share your personal data when necessary for the purpose of:

  • creating a user account with personalised preferences on our site,
  • data analytics and tracking through third-party vendors,
  • communication via email or messaging on social media platforms,
  • storage, website hosting and retaining information on external servers provided by our third-party vendors,
  • payment processing either in part or in full in relation to advertising on our site, or for the purpose of booking accommodation, activities, or services through our site,
  • performance monitoring and site management through our third-party vendors.

Your Privacy Matters and that is why Glamping in Ireland (ltd) will never knowingly sell or pass on your personal information to any parties that we have not outlined within this Privacy Policy Statement.

6: Do We Use Cookies?

In short – yes, we may use cookies and/or other technologies to track and store your personal data.

Please see our Cookie Policy for further information.

7: How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Data For?

In short for as long as necessary or for as long as the law requires us to do so.

In general, we hold on to your personal data for as long as you keep your account open with us, or for as long as you use our services, or for as long as required to do so by law. Once you close your account in full, we will hold on to your personal data for 5 years if deemed reasonably necessary to comply with any laws, and to fulfil our legal obligations should a dispute arise, or to prevent security fraud or abuse. After the 5 year period has expired, all personal data held about you will be deleted.

8: Is My Personal Information Safe And Secure?

In shortyes, we use high-end technology and update our security measures on a regular basis.

With regular monitoring, and high-end secure technology, we keep you and your personal information safe from cyber attacks. Sadly, however, we cannot guarantee that your personal data may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, shared, stolen or destroyed by any physical breach of any of our physical or technical safeguards that are in place. Although we will do our very best to keep your personal data, safe, transmission of your personal data to and from our website, is entirely at your own risk. We ask that you only access our website using a secure and reputable browser.

9: Can I Review, Edit, Update or Delete Data That is Held By Us?

In short – yes, based upon the applicable laws of the EU and UK, or your country, you have the right to review, edit or delete personal data that we have collected about you.

If you wish to review or edit your personal data:

  • log in to your account, go to the settings, and amend the personal information.

If you wish to delete your account:

  • log in to your account, go to settings, click deactivate/delete account. Alternatively you may send an email, with your name, address, postcode and account number (where applicable) to [email protected].

Once we receive your request to deactivate/delete your account, we will remove your personal data from our systems. In certain circumstances, the law requires us to retain some information to prevent fraud, help troubleshoot problems, assist in law enforced investigations, our terms and conditions, and/or to comply with any such laws that require us to do so, or any legal requirement.

10: Do I Have Any Privacy Rights?

In short – yes, in the European Union and the UK, you have certain rights that give you greater access to, and greater control over the personal data we hold on you.

If you are a resident of the EU or UK, and you have reason to believe that we may have unlawfully processed your personal information, you have the right to make a complaint to your local Data Protection Supervisory Authority (DPSA), you can find their contact information here:

11: Do We Make Any Updates To This Privacy Policy?

In short – yes, from time to time we may update this Privacy Policy.

Rom time-to-time it may be necessary to make changes to this Privacy Policy. The updated version will be dated, and will be effective immediately after being published. If we make any amendments, either by changing, editing, adding or removing information within this Privacy Policy, we may notify you by:

  • email, and you will be able to view the changes and the updated version of the Privacy Policy using the link provided within the email,
  • by giving notice on our website at

Glamping in Ireland Ltd actively encourages you to view this Privacy Policy on a regular basis to help keep you informed about how we handle the personal data that we collect from you.

12: Can I contact You About This Privacy Policy?

In short  yes, you may contact us at any time if have any questions relating to this Privacy Policy, our Terms & Conditions, or our Cookie Policy.

To contact Glamping in Ireland, please Get in Touch, or send an email to [email protected], or write to us at:

Glamping in Ireland (ltd)
100 Longhill Road
County Tyrone
BT78 3JY
United Kingdom

Your statutory rights are not affected.

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